Automate your weekly summary report from SharePoint List (Image Edition)

Samantha Seah
9 min readApr 14, 2021
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From time to time, you might be asked to create a summary report. A summary report can be time consuming and repetitive. In this article, we are going to automate the process of creating and sending a summary report via email

Weekly Summary Report via Email


Before we get started, I would like to highlight that this article only focuses on using data from SharePoint List to create a weekly summary report and our data structure for this article looks like this:

Data from SharePoint List

Free Resource Download

I have also uploaded a copy of the flow here for you to download if you get stuck.


  1. Set a schedule in Power Automate
  2. Get Items from Data Source (SharePoint List)
  3. Create a table header using HTML
  4. Check if a row has attachments
  5. If yes, create table rows in the HTML body and get file attachments for the image column
  6. If no, create table rows in the HTML body
  7. Send an email
  8. Add borders and colours to the table headers and cell

Set a schedule in Power Automate

Let’s get started by creating a scheduled cloud flow in Power Automate. Give your flow a name and set the frequency that you would like Power Automate to run. In this example, we will be setting it to run every Friday at 6:30 am. Once you are done, hit the Create button

By default, Power Automate follows the UTC timezone. To change the time to your timezone, select Show advanced options.

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