One drawback of the Approval template in Power Automate is that we need to manually chase an approver when there is no response received. It will be ideal if the flow can follow up with the approver after x number of days. …

If you are building PowerApps with SharePoint List as your data source, you are probably familiar that SharePoint list access needs to be granted to your end-users for them to create, view, delete records in your PowerApp. However, there is always this fear that the end-user will view the SharePoint…

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From time to time, you might be asked to create a summary report. A summary report can be time consuming and repetitive. In this article, we are going to automate the process of creating and sending a summary report via email

Microsoft forms are one of the easiest and fastest data collection tool available. However, one thing that I don’t really like in MS Forms is how they store data in an excel file and attachments are stored in a folder either on OneDrive or SharePoint. For me, I prefer my…


Drop down controls are commonly found in form applications as they conserve screen real estate. Unlike radio button control, drop down only occupy one line of space in your application until the user clicks to reveal the available choices.

Drop down occupies one line of space saving screen real estate

They are also an excellent alternative to text input controls when…

One of the most common questions when building PowerApps form is how can we dynamically change the value in a dropdown box when a user selects an option. This happens most often when we are designing forms that require country and state fields. …

Building a menu bar using components not only saves you time in development, but it also ensures all your menu icons are linked accurately.

Create a component of size 90 x 768 (Width x Height). Select the home icon and add to your menu bar

Create a menu bar using components

If you go ahead and…

I was creating a request form in MS Forms when one of my users ask if the uploaded files can be stored in a designated folder in Sharepoint.

  1. Start by selecting Automated Flow
  2. Select When a new response is submitted
  3. Under when a new response is submitted, select the form…

When I first started on PowerApps, I created each screen header individually until I found out the existence of components. (I have always ignored components despite it being next to the screens tab)

Use component to create headers that can be used for all your screen
  1. Go to the Components tab
  2. Select new component
  3. Change the size of the component to 1366 x…

I didn’t quite like the look on the default PowerApps forms page as it looks dated. So I thought I will give it a try to transform how it looks.

Transform the default look to a cleaner look

Here’s what I did:

  1. Change the sharp edges text box to a text box with a rounded edge
  2. Change the…

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